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I create my art simply because it makes me laugh. I am motivated by everything that surrounds me, especially the small things. My creative method is based upon moments like this. Words are symbols that represent concepts as well as specific things and when approached in an unusual manner, they tend to evoke curiosity and wonder. In the end, the final artwork is a balanced composition of color, form and language."



About Jill Connor Studio

The Artist

Jill Connor Studio was established in Oxford, Ohio in 2008 by artist and designer Jill Connor. Jill Connor has a background in retail development through working in her family's retail design firm specializing in visual merchandising. Her trademark style of layered tissue paper has generated a lot of public appeal from both individuals as well as business ventures.


The Studio

We regard each and every design we create as unique and full of life. Why create a design if it doesn't make you smile? Our designs have been partnered with companies such as Pottery Barn Kids, Papyrus-Recycled Paper Greetings and PI Creative Art, as well as decorating the set in the American Pie sequel, American Reunion.


A new and exciting technique variation that Jill Connor Studio has been building on is the process of hand-dying rice paper with inks and paints. This process allows us to create a beautiful assortment of colors and textures while still keeping each paper's individual transparency and has brought us to a new level of excitement. 


We look forward to discussing your upcoming projects and how the designs of Jill Connor Studio will be a great compliment to your brand!

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